Our Philosophy

Echo Amsterdam is one of the leading providers of ultrasound scans in Amsterdam and surroundings since 2007. Our expert healthcare professionals have years of experience with medical ultrasound scans using high end diagnostic ultrasound equipment capable of producing 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound pictures. We help women by providing quality scans from the beginning to the end of their pregnancy. Our ultrasound scan range includes options such as the sex determination scan, the growth scan and the reassurance scan and all come with printed pictures.

Our philosophy is a simple one.  We believe it’s up to you to have extra ultrasound scans (besides the two scans covered by your health insurance) if you want and they shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why our ultrasound scans upon request are all competitively priced.
We want you to have the highest quality ultrasounds possible in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment, close to home.

The Echo Amsterdam Story

Our story begins in 2006 when five midwifery practices decided that their clients deserved the highest quality pregnancy ultrasound scans in a relaxing environment, close to home.

We were proud to be the first midwife-led ultrasound practice in Amsterdam and surroundings. Since then, we’ve expanded our range of ultrasound scans, making more than 7000 scans a year, and now also offer contraception services. We even have a laboratory for all your pregnancy blood tests. We’re dedicated to what we do, and determined to continue developing, innovating and growing; whilst still offering outstanding service for our clients.

Collaborating midwife practices:

Verloskundigen 101  020-4700067
Geboortecentrum Team Geel  020- 6831640
Geboortecentrum Team Rood  020-6831640
Verloskundigenpraktijk Van der Hoopstraat  020-6828657
Verloskundigenpraktijk Vondelpark  06-52478953