Ultrasounds upon request


Ultrasounds upon request

An ultrasound scan ‘upon request’ can be made at any time during your pregnancy. This can give you some reassurance in the first phase of your pregnancy. For example when you have had a previous miscarriage. Or maybe you are curious to know the sex of your baby. This can be seen from 14 weeks onwards. We can also show you your child in very realistic 3D4D images.

We project the ultrasound images on the wall with a beamer so that you can comfortably see everything.

We are open 7 days per week for your convenience.

Ultrasound scans upon your own request will not be covered by the health insurance, you pay for them yourself.



Pregnancy week Ultrasound Time Costs  Evening (after 18:00) and weekend
7 – 9 wks Early scan 15 mins €55 €70
>14 wks Sex determination scan


15 mins

20 mins





24+ wks Reassurance & growth scan to visualise baby’s movements, growth & heartbeat 15 mins €55 €70
24 – 30 wks  3D 4D pret echo
– incl. USB stick
40 mins €130 €155