3D 4D scan


3D 4D echo

Would you like to see your baby in ‘real time’? Maybe you want to take the future grandparents along for an ultrasound scan? Our 3D echo is the perfect occasion. With this scan you can have an other opportunity to enjoy watching your baby. The 3D 4D images will give you a very realistic picture. We will also give you those images digitally and a nice print out.

The difference between a 2D and 3D echo

The 2D ultrasound scan shows you a black and white image of your baby’s contours. The 3D images also show depth and the 4D images show you these 3D pictures with live movement. This means that if your baby were to yawn for example you will see this happening ‘live’. The 3D 4D scans are made by certified and experienced technicians who enjoy showing you your child in this special way and tell you everything about it.

The best time for this scan is between 24 and 30 weeks. Your baby then has the ideal size and posture for these images. If you want to come earlier or later that is of course also possible. If you are expecting twins it is better to have this scan a bit earlier in the pregnancy so that both children will still fit into one picture together. There is no extra charge for twins. You can always ask our assistent for advice on when to schedule your 3D 4D scan. It of course depends on the position of your baby what is possible to picture during this scan.

3D echo Amsterdam

The 3D 4D scans take place in our echo centre in Amsterdam. The echo centre is located in the centre of Amsterdam, just above the Vondelpark. If you are interested in a 3D echo in Amsterdam, you are more than welcome to request a call back to make an appointment or if you have any questions.