Echo Amsterdam

Echo Amsterdam is one of the leading providers of ultrasound scans in Amsterdam since 2007. Our mission is to offer high quality medical ultrasound scans in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our team of expert ultrasound technicians have years of experience and will take the time to make good images of your baby and explain things to you. We are constantly working on our quality by doing case studies and training. We work with high quality equipment, have our own quality manager and work according to the guidelines of the regional center for prenatal screening.

Besides the ultrasounds we also offer the possibility of an external version when the baby is in a breech position. We have a clinic for contraceptive advice where you can also have an IUD inserted and/or removed.

During pregnancy there are two ultrasound scans that are offered to everyone and covered by the healthinsurance: the due-date-scan and the 20-week-scan. Besides these your midwife may refer you for extra ultrasounds to measure your baby’s growht or in the case of bloodloss for example. These (medical) scans will also be covered by your insurance.

If you want to have more scans done ‘for fun’ that is always possible. Your insurance will not cover the costs but you are welcome to make an appointment at any time during your pregnancy. You do not need a referral for these scans.

Echo Amsterdam is open 7 days and 3 evenings a week. That way you can plan your appointment at a day and time that fits your, and your partners, schedule and in the case of a (medical) emergency we can fit you in as soon as possible.


The following midwife practices have founded Echo Amsterdam:

Verloskundigen 101  020-4700067
Geboortecentrum Team Geel  020- 6831640
Geboortecentrum Team Rood  020-6831640
Verloskundigenpraktijk Van der Hoopstraat  020-6828657
Verloskundigenpraktijk Vondelpark  06-52478953

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We very much hope you will be satisfied with our services. If not, with any complaints or questions, please contact kwaliteitsmanager@echoamsterdam.nl.