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You can have all your (medical) scans during pregnancy at Echo Amsterdam. Our qualified and experienced ultrasound technicians will take the time to make good images of your baby and show and explain everything to you along the way. We project these images on the wall with a beamer so that you can see them comfortably and clearly. By regular schooling and case-studies, using high quality ultrasound equipment, having our own quality-manager and working closely with our ‘regional centre for prenatal screening’ we are constantly maintaining the quality of our ultrasound scans.

Echo Amsterdam is open 7 days a week, on the weekend and on Monday-, Wednesday- and Thursday-evening.

If you want extra ultrasounds ‘for fun’ you are welcome to make an appointment at any time during your pregnancy. Your insurance will not cover these extra scans and you do not need a referral for them.


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Early viability scan
7+ weeks

Scan upon request. Are you curious and not eager to wait for your due date scan? From 7 weeks we can show you the first images of your baby. This internal viability scan will also show whether the baby is in the right position inside your uterus and whether you are expecting twins.

Due date scan
10 - 12 weeks

Medical scan with referral. This due date scan is to determine fetal gestation & date the pregnancy. We will also look at the babies general development.

Combined screening test
12 - 13+6 weeks incl blood test

Scan upon request. The combined screening test is a form of prenatal screening for Downs-, Edwards- and Pataus syndrome. This scan measures the nuchal translucency of the embryo. The results will be combined with a blood test done at Echo Amsterdam. Ask your midwife for more detailed information about this test.

Scan upon request
12+ weeks

Scan upon request. Besides the medical ultrasound scans you can have a scan ‘for fun’ at any time during your pregnancy. We will make beautiful images of your child according to what you would like to see and depending on the size and position of your baby.




14 + WEEKS

Scan upon request. Are you curious whether you are expecting a boy or a girl? The sex determination scan can show you the sex of your baby from 14+ weeks onwards. For twins the price is €75.

Anomaly scan
19 - 20 weeks

Medical scan with referral. The anomaly scan will evaluate the anatomy of your baby. Brain, head, face, spine, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder and limbs will be checked. The size of the baby will be measured, the placental position and the amniotic fluid will be assesed.

Medical scan
24+ weeks

Medical scan with referral. Your midwife may refer you for a medical scan at any time during your pregnancy. This can be to measure your baby’s growth, determine the position of the placenta, in case of bloodloss or any other medical reason.

Scan upon request
24+ weeks

Scan upon request. At Echo Amsterdam you can, besides the medical ultrasound scans, have a scan ‘for fun’ at any time during your pregnancy. We will make beautiful images of your child according to what you would like to see and depending on the size and position of your baby.
pretecho amsterdam | 3d echo amsterdam

3D 4D baby scan
24 - 30 weeks

Scan upon request. At your 3D 4D scan you will have the chance to see your baby in real time. Watch your baby yawn, hiccup or wriggle around! Our technician will take the time to make beautiful images of your baby using the special 3D 4D function of our ultrasound equipment. Of course she will give you these very realistic images on a USB-stick to take home.

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Beste cliënt,

In verband met het niet kunnen handhaven van de 1,5 meter tijdens het maken van een echo willen wij jullie verzoeken om een mondkapje mee te nemen naar de echo.

Daarnaast mag er naast de zwangere maximaal 1 persoon meekomen naar de echo. Neem dus geen kinderen mee! Wij vragen jullie om niet te vroeg te komen zodat er niet teveel mensen tegelijk in de wachtkamer zitten.

Helaas doen wij op dit moment geen 3D echo's en uitgebreide 2D echo's (pret-echo's).

Bij klachten als hoesten, niezen, koorts en neusverkoudheid vragen wij je om je afspraak telefonisch te verzetten. Een partner met klachten mag niet mee naar binnen.

Alvast bedankt voor jullie medewerking.
met vriendelijke groet,
medewerkers van Echo Amsterdam

Dear cliënt,

Due to the inability to maintain the 1.5 meters range while making an ultrasound, we want to ask you to bring a  facemask to the ultrasound.

You are allowed to bring maximum one extra person besides yourself to your scan. You are not allowed to bring your children.

At this moment do not book in any long scan upon request, that is the 3D scan and the 2D extensive scan.

Please don't arrive too early to prevent too many people in the waiting room at the same time.
When you or your partner are coughing, sneezing or having a fever, we ask you to reschedule your appointment by telephone.

Thanks for your coöperation,
best regards,
the team of Echo Amsterdam