External Cephalic Version

If your baby is (still) in a breech or transverse position from 35 weeks onwards, you can opt for an external cephalic version (ECV) attempt by one of our version experts.

During an ECV, we manually try to turn your baby into a head down position. The baby can turn forward or backward. Your child has to turn on his own. We won’t force anything. This means the ECV is not always successful.

Sometimes the ECV succeeds immediately during the first attempt, but sometimes a second appointment is necessary to have your child turned.

An external version is safe, problems rarely or never occur during the version.

For more information about the breech presentation, the ECV and a breech birth in text and pictures, we refer you to the website:

Your midwife or gynecologist will refer you to one of us and we will make an appointment in consultation with you at short notice. We are flexible in our availability.

The ECV’s are usually performed in one of the rooms next to the laboratory, to the right past the counter of the ultrasound center (follow the signs of Salt). You can take a seat in the waiting room in front of the laboratory.

It is recommended not to have a full stomach during the ECV. Please comfortable clothing that allows you to expose your belly.

You can bring someone, but no children. The appointment lasts a maximum of 1 hour and it is good not to have any work planned the whole day after this appointment.


BEA resolutie 300

Bea van der Put
ECV specialist

Caroline resolutie 300

Caroline Grootes
ECV specialist