Glucose Tolerance Test


Glucose Tolerance Test

A glucose tolerance test is used during pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a high blood sugar status that develops during pregnancy in women that did not have this issue before. The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) determines whether gestational diabetes may be present so that it can be treated if necessary. The rising of your blood sugar level will be measured after drinking a concentrated glucose drink.


On the day of your test you come to the laboratory after fasting for at least 10 hours. This means that you have not eaten anything, not even gum, have not smoked and did not drink anything but water, tea or coffe, without sugar or milk.

You can bring some breakfast for after the test is finished. Usually something savoury is prefered.

The test

The test will start with the drawing of some blood, from your finger. You will then be given the concentrated glucose drink which you should finish fully within 5 minutes. This drink contains 75 grams of glucose and therefore tastes very sweet. Two hours after drinking the glucose your blood will be taken again. After this you can eat your breakfast.

During the two hour wait you are again not supposed to eat or drink anything. It is best to keep quiet and pass the time sitting. Because of this long wait it is advised to bring something, like some reading material, to keep you occupied.


Practical information

Call SALT to book your appointment for a OGTT: 088- 9 100 100.