The prices of the medical ultrasound scans are fixed nationwide and can be changed from year to year. We submit the invoice for the medical ultrasound directly to them. If you have a foreign health insurer, we ask you to pin the invoice directly with us and then send the invoice to your insurance company for a refund.

The due date scan, anomaly scan and all the medical scans that you get a referral for from your midwife are covered by the health insurance. The dating scan and the anomaly scan will only be paid for once every pregnancy.


Pregnancy week Ultrasound  Time Costs
7+ wks Early scan

-irregulair cycle

15 mins €46,58
10 – 12 wks Due date scan 15 mins €55,89
13 – 14 wks 13 weeks scan (ETSEO) 35 mins €148,92
19 – 20 wks 20 weeks scan (SEO) 40 mins €185,26
24+ wks Diagnostic scan with referral

-growth of the baby
-amount of amniotic fluid
-position of the placenta
-position of the baby
-vaginal bloodloss
-after a ECV (turning a breech baby)

15 mins €46,58

You can only pay with pin at Echo Amsterdam.


Appointments can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance. After that time we are obliged to charge a ‘no show’ fee of €40,- . This is also our policy when you arrive late and there is not enough time left to carry out the examination properly.